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This set is derived from Paula Vaughan's painting entitled 'Little Princess', 
which is used with the gracious consent of the artist.

Sets made from Paula's work are not, under any circumstances, available for use
in commercial sites, due to the artist's copyright.

If you choose to use this set, you must provide a link to Paula's site at
in addition to the required link to Rainbow Row Graphics at

Please download to your hard drive.  Just right click and 'save image as'.
This set is arranged in tables, for which you will need the background tiles 
in the small table below.  If you need assistance with table setup, please
see the tutorial on nested tables by
Leah at Web Elegance,
or copy and paste the source code for this page.

I'd love to see your site, so please take a moment to sign my guestbook.
Thanks for dropping in...happy browsing!

Guestbook image is in two parts.  Click both left and right to download.

Right click in each of the two boxes above to download background tiles.

Please use the image above to link back to this site.  Thanks!

Painting in welcome graphic © Paula Vaughan.  Used with consent of the artist.
Set design ©Rainbow Row Grahics 2001