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These graphics are free for use in your personal website only.  Use of my work in
commercial sites requires my prior consent, which may be arranged by email.

Please download to your hard drive.  Just right click on the image, and 'save image as'.

Please do not claim my work as your own, and do not include it in any other graphics
collection, whether for download or for sale.

These images are made as sets, and will not work on any background other than
the one on which they're displayed.  Please do not attempt to 'mix and match' 
images from one set with those from another set.

Do not alter my work in any way.  Do not recolor, resize, or cut up these
images for use in any other image.  If you require changes or additions,
please contact me and I'll be happy to do what I can for you.

This set is arranged in tables.  If you need assistance with table setup,
please see the tutorial on Designer Frames by Dizzie at
or copy and paste the source code for this page.

Guestbook is in two parts.  Click both left and right to download.


Right click in each of the two boxes above to download both backgrounds.



Set design ©1999/2002 Rainbow Row Graphics