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Here you are, Jane...just for you!  Don't say I didn't warn you!
For anyone else who may try this, please bear in mind that I've never done this before,
so if you have any major complaints, you can beat on Jane!  LOL

I'm like Ellie...can't do a 'naked' graphic.  We'll be making the canisters from the
graphic above.  At least, I hope we will!  These were done in PSP 6, but can
probably be done in any version, since there's only one vector used .
There's nothing else plugins or anything.  However, if you'd like to
use the little circle of flowers I used, you can download it here.

The shelf, the quilt, and the little girls figurine are my own drawings.

The lace on the shelf was done using Pati's Easy Lace tutorial.  Thanks, Pati!

OK...let's get started!

1)  Open a new graphic, about 300x300, transparent background, and add a new layer and name it 'base' or something similar.  I like to have a blank layer at the bottom, but if you don't, that's fine too.

2)  Using the preset shapes tool, shape type rounded rectangle;  filled;  antialias checked;  create as vector UNchecked, draw your rectangle the size you'd like the main part of your canister to be. Mine is 144 x 194.

3)  Next, using the selection tool set to rectangle, antialias checked, draw a selection around the rounded part at the top of your rounded rectangle, then go to 'edit/clear', to cut off the top portion of your canister and give you a straight top.

4)  Add a new layer, call it 'lid' or something similar.  Again using the preset shapes tool, shape type triangle;  filled;  antialias checked, create as vector UNchecked, draw a small triangle.  If you're working with the same size base as I have, your triangle should be about 135 wide x 30 high.  If you're working with your own measurements, make sure your triangle width is slightly smaller than the top of your base.  Go to 'image/flip', so that your lid is right side up.

5)  Using the preset shapes tool again, shape type square, filled, antialias checked, create as vector UNchecked, draw a small square at the pointed tip of your triangle. 

6)  Add a new layer, and using the preset shapes tool set to 'ellipse', leaving the other settings the same, draw a small ellipse at the top of the square you just drew.  Use whatever accent color you've chosen.  Mine is set to #897DA7.  Select the bottom half of your ellipse with the selection tool set at rectangle, then go to 'edit/clear' so that you have only half of the ellipse sitting on your square.  This forms the handle on the lid.

7)  If you want the flecks in your canisters, as they are in mine, go to 'image/noise/add', and set it to 5% random. 

8)  Go to 'colors/greyscale', and do the same thing on both the base layer and the lid layer.

9)  Next, go to 'colors/increase color depth/16 million colors', so that you can recolor your images.

10) Click on 'colors/colorize' and play with the sliders until you find a color you like.  Mine is set at hue 15, saturation 75.

11)  Add a new layer.  With the preset shapes tool set to 'rounded rectangle', filled, antialias checked, create as vector CHECKED this time, draw a rectangle about 10 pixels wider than the width of your base top, using whatever color you like.  Mine is at #897DA7.

12) Now holding down your control key, click on the top right corner of the box and drag it in toward the top middle.  This is a very slight move, just enough to make the ends of the rectangle slope inward a little to fit the bottom of your lid triangle.

13)  With your magic wand, click on the blue line to select it, then add a new layer.  Go to 'selections/modify/contract/1'. 

14) Go to 'image/effects/drop shadow'.  Set your shadow color to a darker shade of your base color, (mine is at #87614D) opacity 35/blur 3/horizontal and vertical 2.  Do not deselect.  Do another drop shadow with the same settings, except set the horizontal and vertical to minus 2.  Deselect and go to your layers palette and move this layer below the layer with the blue line.